Keep Yourself Inspired. Don’t be afraid to Start Again.

Hey Peeps, I’m sorry for just disappearing. But trust me I tried to make myself seen. For people who create, whatever it is that they create be it a piece of art, poetry, sculptures anything, they know how hard it is to find and keep the inspiration alive. And it is even more difficult for someone who have a tendency towards procrastination and pessimism. I fall in that category.


So, here I am and I want to put forward my experience and struggle of being a pessimistic procrastinator, the perfect disaster combination. I have had a good share of failures in my 25 years of existence(sometimes living). I CHOSE a field of career just because it was expected of me and it made sense to the society. By this I mean it was a stable and secured career in terms of the return of investments made. And you guessed it right, I failed miserably. I sat for a particular level of exam six times at the interval of six month. It costed me money and of course my poor self confidence was the result of it. But during those 3 years I found out what I liked and could do for the rest of my life. I love to create. A piece of writing or piece of clothing(I’m NOW a Fashion Designer). You learn from trials more often than not. And I decided to enroll myself for a diploma course in fashion designing. It took every ounce of my courage to gather my leftover confidence and START AGAIN. It was extremely difficult in the beginning since I had zero knowledge about the technicalities of the course, all I had was my desire to unleash my creativity out. And I Learnt. I’m always wanting to learn more. And 2 YEARS later, on this day and every day I’m glad I started again in spite of the fear, and a lack of knowledge is always compensated by learning. I own a in house boutique and am building it one step a day. I FIND it difficult to write regularly as the other love takes a lot of my time,but writing is therapy and it brings me joy. It gives me a sense of contentment to share and to learn. The pessimist in me still gets the best of me on certain days but I chose to shut her down. I don’t let her make me procrastinate by making insane logical excuses for me. I have worked and still work recklessly towards healing this part of me and I hope my story inspires you, even if it is remotely. The goal is to never ever stop believing in yourself and that you are to be great and do great.



PS: Yellow is my favorite color. 🙂

(Also,you can ask and share opinions and questions if you are in need of help and guidance)





It’s going to rain prints. The major trend that we saw on the runways so far are the huge play of prints. The excessive floral,simple stripes,aztec or the tribal prints,any pattern you name it and wear it. Prints work great with prints or monotones. I personally like mix and match. And this time the spring/summer can be filled with some soothing color palettes. Take inspiration from few of the best in the industry:


2.Tory Burch

3.Christian Siriano

4.Reinaldo Lourenço São Paulo


5. Mary Katrantzou

These are just a few of them but the print season is definetly  here to stay in the fashions scene for a very long time. So mix your prints,wear them bold and in patches or create your own personal style.




Love & Blend.

One of India’s favourite from the fashion industry, also the man who hail the title of International Woolmark, Rahul Mishra is the new sensation that rocked the Paris Fashion Week and made the presence of India felt.Make in India is almost officially global.

His collection was inspired by the birth of his daughter and hence all things love. The collection named “IT FELT LOVE” saw his signature strength. He blend the Indian tie and dye and bandhini with western silhouette and cuts. The intricate embroidery.The biker jacket was an addition to up the western quotient. The prints were inspired by the porcelain designs and were beautified on the varied kind of silhouette. The collection once again proved why he was presented with the International Woolmark title. Here are a few looks from his runway at the Paris Fashion Week :

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MAKEININDIA is happening. 🙂


Provocative and Studded.

On Day 3 of the Paris Fashion Week, the most high octane and by that I mean in all the sense, Olivier Rousteing of BALMAIN presented his AW’16 line. It was ABSOLUTELY STUDDED. Yes, studded is the word. The front row saw Kanye West and Kris Jenner and even Kanye West all studded in a Balmain jacket. The Balmain army saw a blonde Kendall and brunette Gigi Hadid alongwith Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Karlie Kloss among others. The women of the Balmain army were seen in the trademark Balmain metal belts,corseted waists , lingerie inspired tops, crinoline skirts and all STUDDED with pearl beadings,lavish fringing,mohair cashmere. And of course thigh-high boots and second skin trousers,lace,fishnets ruffles which has always been a Balmain highlight.The color board was ruled by dove grey,pale pink which is undeniably all over the fashion scene,pale lilac, powdered blue. The wig was the hair. And almost nude makeup. The collection can be summed as provocative and overtly sexual without a flesh showing.

Kanye West and Kris Jenner in the front Row
Kanye West and Kris Jenner in the front Row

Few of the looks that really made our mind blow a little more than the others. But nonetheless the mind is blown.

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Happy Reading. SLAY STUDDED. And swap your hair with your bestie. 🙂




“When you find your path, you must not be afraid. You need to have sufficient courage to make mistakes. Disappointment, defeat, and despair are the tools God uses to show us the way.”
Paulo Coelho, Brida

I have always loved the idea of breaking away. I’ve been afraid to make mistakes,to make a decision but have made them anyway. And whatever and wherever and whoever I have and had in my life I’m glad about it all. And it isn’t an exaggeration but my utmost gratefulness. Not so long ago a decision was pending and it had to be made SOON as if or else my whole life will crash. But so what?? It’s life after all. I can be thrilled or scared. Nervous or curious. It’s all how you take it.

But to each his own.

“Well, we all make mistakes, dear, so just put it behind you. We should regret our mistakes and learn from them, but never carry them forward into the future with us.”
L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Avonlea


Your life is a gift and it solely belong to you. And as much as you want break away from people around you it is as much important,in fact much more important than you think, to walk with your people. Your family,your friends, that soul mate of yours. And you got to do what you got to and by all means gather the courage to do it. Make people understand and talk about your dreams and hopes and aspirations. Because they’re your people and they’ll understand sooner or later. But please make your own decisions even if that means making mistakes. You always end up where you’re meant to be. The dots always connect. And LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.ALWAYS.

You chose.
You chose.
You chose.
You chose.


The Boho Romance.

Fashion Week in the city of romantics, in PARIS and and and what better theme than ‘Romantic Voyager’. One of the personal favourite international designer CHLOE showcased their line around the said theme. And I’m a fan. The inkblot chiffon details,the fleece and shearlings, the romance and the flow all of it absolutely all of it, I loved. The mood was very nomadic and boho which is again my favourite themes and is trending huge around the globe. The whole collection had a old world romantic charm to it. Although I’m writing herein about only a facet of their collection because I absolutely loved it. The other side was all biker jackets and leather suits and pants,totally the opposite. Here are some of the looks that is worth all the love and will take you and make you want to get dressed like some vintage lass.

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StreetStyle. NYFW’16

The NEW YORK FASHION WEEK pre-fall and AW’16 which was scheduled from 7th February-19th February saw some of the most chic and wearable streetstyle fashion from the bloggers. The denim, linen silhouette, off-shoulders and ruffles were trending. Some of the looks by the bloggers that are worth getting inspired from are:

  1. via STYLECASTER.COM. Vintage white.








2. Chambray ruffle dress via STYLECASTER.COM


3. Sara Donaldson of HARPERANDHARLEY.COM wear an off-shoulder edgy top in white.


4. Leandra Medine wears white and off-shoulder again with bell sleeves. Some major retro lovin’.


5. Natalie Joos is looking playful in co-ordinates.


The off-shoulders and ruffles look amazing,they give the easy summer vibes and are totally comfortable. The chambray,linen and cotton are huge during spring/summer.